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Do you want to raise capital for your business? Join our week-long raising capital Bootcamp

During the Bootcamp, we will focus on the following  

  1. Design a scalable  business model
  2. Write a compelling business plan/ proposal
  3. Find the right kind of capital
  4. How to position your business for investment 
  5. One-on-one and step-by-step guide to pitching your business to investors 
  6. List of up top 500 startup investors, and grant-making organization.
  7. Tips to get accepted into an accelerator program.

Ready for a little less commitment?, Join our one-day  Investment Readiness Training 

At the end of the training, you will have redefined your fundraising strategy and have a clear defined growth plan, and get personalized help and advice on how to position your business for investment.

  1. What investor really want to see in your business
  2. How to write a winning business proposal
  3. Answers to questions on business funding
  4. How to properly fill out a grant application form

Training Fee: N10,000
Account Number: 0244623161
Account Name: The Business Outliers
Bank: GTBank

The Business Outliers Team

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